Degree Show Book

Lumino Kinetic + Beyond: Degree Show

Lumino Kinetic + Beyond from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

The video, which features demonstration and process behind the production of Lumino Kinetic and Beyond, will be exhibited at IDAS (Hongik University) Master’s Degree Show 2012 from 19th to 26th December, 2012 at Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul, Republic of Korea.


Final presentation

Luminogeist v.001

luminogeist from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

I wanted to create a visual environment as if audiences were in a quite museum. Hence, I made an artistic decision to complete this final video without any soundtrack.


More morph render test

Shyomei + Rinkou (nParticles + morph) render test from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

Shyomei (nParticles + morph) render test

Shyomei (nParticles + morph) render test from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

Shyoumei + nParticles morph effect test

Despite the rendering problem, I managed to export some images from this nParticle morph sequence. As Maya crushes every time I tried to texturize the nparticles ( with particle cloud), I would run some post process tests in After Effects to determine wether it is usable. 

Kagayaki + Ghost + Sine/Twist render test

Kirameki + Ghost + Twist + Sine render test from Yuri Endo on Vimeo.

The Integration: Kagayaki + Ghost + Sine/Twist texture effect test


Other ghosts: experiments

Lava lamp (w nParticles)
I was hoping to learn an effect that would eventually look like a slimy object morphs into a ghost.

Fireworks (w/ particles) 
I tried out an effect that would produce colorful light explosions and trails. These effects could be reflected on my integration animations ( Theme: Ghost + several effects) 


When Pepperpod (Rococo) met OPIUMBLUE

David Hall + Yuri Endo 2012

Professor Hall and I tested the Rococo model with animation inside. ( The animation was created by Professor Hall a.k.a OPIUMBLUE)