Illuminating Bathroom Possibilities: Façade Idea 002

I have been contemplating on bathroom illumination possibilities for quite sometime. I initially thought of experimenting with conventional and safe lighting solutions, such as using several types of  LED to create a media facade-like lighting source and modifying its ambient effects. In that sense, my mock-up would have been created with an arduino powered 8X8 LED Matrix with some processing programming, however, more I think about it, it appeared to be so redundant to say the least. 

In that sense, I have decided to take a little bit of a risk. Going back to my first idea of replacing the physical light with digital media solution, I thought of combining the projection mapping technique and the characteristic of prism to create a light installation. Thus, accordingly, the above sketches illustrate the configuration of my new mock-up idea. 

The prisms are attached to a transparent or 2 way-mirrored surface, and the animation would be projected on the surface from behind. Following my experiment with Prism and iPod touch, I'm also considering the possibility of LCD screen use. 

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