Prismpod test video 001

I run a quick test to see how a motion picture playing on a LCD screen  would look through a prism. 

On that note, I followed the same procedure as my first Prismpod test, however, this time, I placed a video footage inside of the rectangle.

Upon attempting to capture the moving images from various angles, this exact position was the most I could observe the interesting reflection created by the prism. In that sense, this rectangular shaped prism may not be cut out for the intended light installation.

Last but not least, I would like to note the solution for the technical difficulty that I encountered while exporting the base video to iPod, so I won't repeat that struggle ever again. (It was rather sluggish of a media student, it took me a while to figure out converting the video to play correctly on the iPod.) When I tried to import footage (both H.264 and MOV.) straight from my computer to the device, iTune constantly gave me an error message saying "cannot be played on this ipod." After a numerous trials and errors, I came upon a method that worked the best for this particular case; Export the 960×640 footage as MOV. format > Open it with Quick Time Player > Under "Share" manu, choose iTune > import the footage to iPod

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