Prismpod test*

Yuri Endo 2012

Inspired by PRISMATICA by Kit Webster, I decided to run a simple test to see how an image projected from a LCD screen would look through a prism. 

On that note, as I didn't own a large LCD screen, I used an iPod touch to map an image on the rectangular glass prism that I used for my previous light and optic experiment

>Step 1. Making a base black image which fits in the iPod display, 960-by-640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch. 
>Step 2. Placing another image, white rectangle with precise measurement of the prism, 590mm × 150mm, on top of the base black image. 
>Step 3. Exporting the combined image ( Step 1 and 2) as JPEG and transfer it to the iPod. 
>Step 4. Placing the prism on top of the iPod, precisely fitting to the white rectangle. 
>Step 5. Observing the image through the prism.

In conclusion, I observed various types of image distortions and color changes when the image is seen through the prism from different angles. 

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