Presentation 001: Material

I have just finished giving the first presentation on my prospective thesis project, in which, I presented the project proposal,  project's current state,  and its further schedule.  Although the proposal had been approved, I felt as though numerous brush-ups are required to continue my research and development stage.  Below is the script excerpts from the presentation;  

My interest in light dates back to my undergraduate studies in visual media studies, with specialization in film theory and production. Throughout academia, I have broadened my studies in cinematography, in which I gained a solid perspective on technical aspects of cinema overall, the glee of manipulating the light to achieve artful mise-en-scène. Furthermore, my graduate study in design has given me a broader exposure to divergent use of light; both as art forms and tangible illumination sources.

As such, I came to value light as one of the most powerful elements of design, that can embody many idiosyncratic styles, product values, cinematic languages, and perceptions all at once, which I could mix with my previous studies to express my current outlook, as a student who focuses on digital media design. Hence, through this medium and with my expertise in motion picture, I ultimately want to demonstrate light as an artistic and directorial liaison, which digitally links one space or object to another.

Parallel to visual storytelling scheme in the world of cinematography, each lighting design could also demand similar approaches, from its space representation to visual perception, in order to amplify the ambience within targeted locations. On that note, this prospective thesis project will aim to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a public space and/or a display through a digital media art form, which specifically highlights the purpose of illumination design.

>STAGE ONE: Research and Development ( March to Mid June, 2012) 
The prime mission of Stage One is, to explore the principal of light; from its mechanism to art forms, to gain a rational understanding of light’s history, nature and properties in order to acquire conceptual project ideas. In addition to conventional theoretical and technical research via online and offline resources, I have started exploring the world of science and physics, through various basic light and optics experiments; concerning color, refraction, reflection, and diffraction. Accordingly, the results of which will be used to develop my prospective projects.

>STAGE TWO: Prototyping and evaluation (March to Mid June, 2012) 
The goal of Stage Two is to develop various conceptual projects for constructing prototypes, to achieve evaluation for the final outcome. While simultaneously proceeding with Stage One, I am currently working on several experimentations with existing visual art forms; such as, slitcan, light painting, neon sign, and media façade. In that sense, my prime mission through those tryouts is to firstly, acquire hands-on comprehension of each technique and form, then secondly, to develop them into advanced digital art form in connection with light. Accordingly, its process including philosophy, research, photography, video, and possible future development of said projects will be regularly documented in my research blog at ubernotes.blogspot.com

>STAGE THREE: Final work  and exhibition (Mid June to December, 2012) 
Following the completion of Stage One and Two, I plan to proceed with integration of accumulated research and experiments, to conclusively produce the final output for its installation in public or private spaces. Thus, correspondingly, the project’s final output will be formed by convergence of photography, motion picture and space design, that results in installation exploring the idea of creativity filtered through lumino kinetic interaction.

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