Traffic Light Painting

Light painting is a photographic technique, that can be achieved by a moving light source and a slow-shatter speed. By moving a hand-held light source or by moving the camera, the images captured under  a slow shatter speed shows a trail of light movements, and  create artful luminous motion as photographic images or motion pictures.  It is said that Man Ray was the first known art photographer, who had explored the idea of this technique in his works, namely Space Writing.  

As I have some experiences in trying out this technique with flash lights and an Ipod (with PENKI application), I decided to capture long exposure images of night traffic this time. As extra experiments, I also captured short exposure images of car head lights. 

Long exposure: 
Img 1. ISO400/ f 22/ s20
Img 2. ISO400/ f 22/ s10

Short exposure:
Img 3. ISO400/ f 5.8/ s1.3
Img 4. ISO400/ f 13/ s1/250
Img 5. ISO400/ f 5.8/ s1/50

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