Illuminating Bathroom Possibilities: Proposal

Yuri Endo 2011  * The night shot of Counter Void by Tatsuo Miyajima  

In many conventional commercial or residential premises, when compared to other spaces of edifices, the bathroom lightings tend to be monotonous with its mere focus on giving people good visibility. In that sense, this project's goal is to merge fundamental aspects of the space illumination; from aesthetic appeal, ergonomic facet to energy efficiency,  and digital media art forms to propose a constructive and dynamic light fitting for contemporary bath spaces.  

As such, my initial idea is to create a bathing and grooming space where light therapeutic values are digitally accentuated as media façade and in which ensures harmonious lighting for each three facility areas; toilet, bathing and washing, for both day and night uses. 

1. Replacing physical walls and/or partitions, windows with digital solution. 
2. Designing crisp light for personal grooming in the morning and visionary lighting scheme for relaxation in the evening.
3. Converting light sources to art form to achieve effective ambient lighting display.

Medium-scale contemporary apartment, house and hotel room owners. 

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