Pepper's ghost: box

This time,  I chose the traditional box method, which I have covered in my previous post to test Pepper's ghost effect.  

The box (H: 8cm × W: 16cm × D: 8cm) and its lid ( H: 8.3cm × W: 16.3cm × D: 8.3cm) are made out a sheet of white cardboard. I used a sheet of clear acrylic (H: 8cm × W: 11.4 cm × D: 0.2 cm) as a reflector. Inside the box, I placed two architectural scale model figures to create a "prop" (the male figure) and a ghost  (the female figure). As a result, the female ghost appeared around the left shoulder of the male prop.  

Yuri Endo 2012

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  1. Hi Yuri,
    thanks for your post, I also built this effect in a small box.