PROJECT TWO: revision

Yuri Endo 2012

After a contemplation,  I have decided that I would replace the Zoetrope project to another ongoing Holography project in order to develop my thesis research subjects.

On that note, once again, throughout the duration of this course, I plan to focus on developing my ongoing Holography experimentation, in connection with rapid prototyping and fabrication for the purpose of visual art and new media. 

Applying the principle of light and optics, my prime goal is to generate a 3D holographic display, in which 3D printed object ( or laser cute object) serves as the center of this installation. 

On that note, I plan to proceed with the following carte; 

A. Rapid prototyping and fabrication 
>> STAGE ONE  3D formation and modeling 
>> STAGE TWO Laser cutting and 3D Printing
>> STAGE THREE 3D animation 

B. Device and Space design 
>> STAGE ONE  3D Holographic display (based on an illusionary technique, Pepper's Ghost) design and  fabrication
>> STAGE TWO Exhibition production design (for its exhibition during the Degree show scheduled in late December, 2012. )  

Reference: Yuri Endo thesis research blog >> Übernotes  
Yuri Endo Independent Studies II research blog >> Bnotes

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