Pepper's ghost: 360° illusion pyramid

While waiting for the holographic projection screen film to arrive, I run a test based on Pepper's Ghost technique. Out of a few options that I found, I chose the pyramid method to test 360° hologram (faux)  illusion: 

On the bottom of the pyramid, made out of a sheet of OHP transparent film, a 6×6 (cm) white cardboard is placed, and after removing the top parts of the pyramid ( about 9mm each)  a 1×1 (cm) cardboard is placed on the top as dimmer. 

A 2D image, which is consist of 4 exact same skulls, is uploaded in the ipod.  

The pyramid top would be placed in the middle of the 4 images to create 3D holographic-like illusion. 
Yuri Endo 2012

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