Yuri Endo 2012

Over the next few months, I plan to focus on developing 2 of my previous research projects.

Luminous Specimen: The Integration (working title) 

In the duration of the preceding experimental stage, my main focus was on generating the concept and creating a prototype, in addition to test various visual effects that can be achieved through a pyramid shaped prism from motion picture sequences played in an ipod touch. 

In this second stage of the research, my primal goal is to firstly, upgrade the actual content of the motion picture (animation)  by adopting elements of the projects that would be executed during the course, Emergent Media OneFinallyto regenerate the prototype for my final presentation at the degree show scheduled in late December, 2012 in Seoul, Korea.  

On that note, I plan to proceed with the following carte;  

A. Computer generation of motion pictures   
>> STYLE ONE: Symbolic graphics (Typography) 
>> STYLE TWO: Nonfigurative graphics 

B. Device and Space design 
>>STAGE ONE : Prototype regeneration ( with additional devices/functions) 
>>STAGE TWO :  Exhibition / Space design for the purpose of visual art and new media

Reference:  Independent Study II research blog >> Anotes

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