Slitscan Test 001: Video

I filmed the wooden artist's model slowly rotating 360°on a tripod then import the movie into After Effects for post-processing as I noted on my previous post. Following Mr.Visnic's precise instruction, I scaled down my full HD 1080p footage to 720p, in order to reduce render time.

This  1280X720 composition is consist of  360 layers each with a 2 pixel hight mask. The top of each frame is 15 second earlier than the bottom of each frame. As seen in the video, the time and motion in is represented in the image vertically. Alas, I couldn't achieve the clean effect this time due to the fact that I failed to rotate the tripod smoothly. Additionally, I also tried to process the same video using 720 layers with a 1 pixel high mask which did succeed in creating greater distortion as observed in 3 images from my previous post, however, due to the layer amount and rendering time, my computer refused to finish up the entire footage.  

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