When LED Meets Creativity

Upon reviewing a variety of publications and online resources in relation to light, I found this particular Japanese title,  光を彩る、色が輝く: LEDと創造力が出会うとき ( roughly translated as "Color Lighting and Radiance of Color: When LED Meets Creativity") especially uplifting.

Yuri Endo 2012

As we enter the 21st century along with rapid advance in technology, the used of LED (Light-emitting diode) light has become more persistent and diverse.Unlike other conventional light sources such as Incandescent and  Fluorescent lights, LED has higher compatibility with technology which allows us for its advanced use; color lighting and digital lighting.

Along with exploring the creativity filtered through this relatively new lighting form, the book introduces advanced practices and perspectives of Japanese professionals from various occupational fields, from photographer, architect, make-up artist, wedding planner, interaction artist to lighting designer, on which I plan to take some notes over the course of next several posts.

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