Light and Skin Interactions

Yukuko Tanaka (田中宥久子) is a Japanese beautician turned entrepreneur who became well known for her inventive facial massage techniques and make-up products in which she puts importance on revitalizing the way skin reflects light for fine glow.

Similar to a quality diamond doesn't sparkle without light, human skin doesn't appear any better without the presence of a moderate lighting effect, so as Tanaka say, newborn skin look significantly flesher and clearer because its smooth surface reflects lights more than that of adult's.

In that sense, Tanaka's  Zogan Massage ( "Face Making" massage) demonstrated in the video above,  is an epoch‐making practice that said to help removing facial muscle rigidity and improving skin firmness and luster by performing lymphatic drainage massage.  About 5 years ago, I visited one of her studios with my mother and sister for a try-out. The massage performed by one of her apprentices was rather painful at first, gradually put us into the states of relaxation. We kept on proceeding this massage for a few days and as a result, the face swilling, which apparently caused by daily stress and aging, went down and moreover make-up started to sit well. However though, the massage cream that they suggested to use was extremely rich for my sister and I, which ended up causing us horrible acne. Although we immediately had to stop this massage,  my mother continued it until this day and she does look younger than her actual age, 57. (Probably, it's high time that I went back to this regimen. ) 

Tanaka's signature foundation produced under SUQQU which consists of 6 colors (light blue, light purple, yellow, pink, coral and white) is another innovative product that has been keeping its  best-selleing position in Japan for quite some time. According to the study, white radiates human skin all day long. Coral, yellow and pink radiate when skin receives bright day light. Blue and purple radiate more under twilight. Therefore,  by mixing all effective colors would give skin more healthy glow under any conditions. In addition, Tanaka suggests the use of white and beige blended concealer for treating dark eye circles and blemishes. 

She also applies the white LED lighting system by Color Kinetics for the mirrors she uses at her studio which enables to control color temperature when treating customers.

Reference: 光を彩る、色が輝く: LEDと創造力が出会うとき YMethod

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