Modern Straight Photography

Naoya Hatakeyama (畠山直哉) is a Japanese photographer who focuses on portraying quandary and essence of contemporary cityscape, mainly through landscape and architectural photography. Hatakeyama says;  light is a medium that conveys object to presence.  In the world of photography, light works as a basic element that support capturing the image rather than an exceptional illumination gives out sparkles.  Below image is from his Slow Glass Series which was inspired by Bob Shaw's short story, Light of Other Days

Naoya Hatakeyama, Slow Glass (# 063) 2001  

I especially enjoy his naturalistic world highlighted by unique presence of light, often captured by natural light with additional artificial light sources, which makes each photography appear as if it were installation art. I personally feel as though his creative approach, especially seen in Ciel Tombé and Maquettes/Light, inherits some percepts to straight photography, yet it takes viewers to a brand new visual trip. 

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