Light Therapy

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression usually triggered by lack of light in winter. In Sweden, where winter gloom is extremely long, approximately 20% of its population (almost 2 million people) are said to be SAD sufferers.

The sensation I get from Ingmar Bergman movies would be comparable to that of winter blue?

Some say the most effective clinically proven remedy for SAD is light therapy as studies have seen the benefits to 80-85 % of cases.  More precisely, by sitting in front of specially designed illumination with UV-free lighting to the strength at minimum of 2,500 lux (a lux is a unit of illuminance. The average domestic or office light emits  200-500 lux and a clear summer day can reach  an intensity of 100,000 lux.)  for designated time and period each day, evidently alleviates the symptoms of SAD such as depression, anxiety, oversleeping, loss of energy, appetite gain (especially a craving for foods high in carbohydrates), weight gain and attention deficits.    

A short reportage by AFP, Beating Winter Blues: Light Therapy in Swedenfeatures an light café in Sweden where costumers undergo an hour of light therapy before they go off to work. 

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