Personal History in Lighting:Part Seven

In collaboration with Professor David Hall and Elena Marchenko, this installation, which focuses on   the experimentation with Kinect for XBOX 380 by Microsoft to discover new approaches to public installation with the emphasis on our cinematic expressions, was completed during an interaction design course as a part of the Green Growth Research Project founded by the South Korean Government. 

Elena Marchenko + Yuri Endo + David Hall 2011

While many of Kinect experimentations are largely focused on the user experience; human behavior when they constrained by technology and how it influence their life and social interaction, we focused on the aesthetics of the actual hyperreal visions that can be captured from Kinect's infrared camera to explore new possibilities in the motion pictures and video installation art. Though this  installation piece  had been completed and exhibited under said research project, it could be further developed in relation to light and optics as an independent assignment.

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