Personal History in Lighting: Part Three

The second short film, About a Gummy Bear, was shot on 35 color film as a cinematography exercise at a film school in Prague. 

Yuri Endo 2005

For this project, with the help from my fellow classmates, I managed to multitask the principle roles except for acting and camera operation as I was not able to hold the camera which weigh over 15 kg for more than 10 minutes. During the process,  I learned how I should not multitask in the film production, however, more importantly significance of lighting in cinema and the playfulness of light and color. 

Yuri Endo + Elise Toledo + Eva Hausberger  2005

As seen in those production photos,  I used several types of color gels and studio lights for both indoor and outdoor shooting to create a surrealistic mise-en-scène where the colors were highly exaggerated.  Although as a film it was rather a flop, the whole experience worked as my benefit understanding the light and color relationship as well as the versatile visual effects that could be created by it. 

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