Personal History in Lighting: Part Four

These five sets of LED bedroom lights, The Moody Clan, were completed over the course of a production design course at my first year of design studies.  

Yuri Endo 2010

Each set is constructed with a 10cm x 10cm acrylic square box with a sheet of flexible light strips with 3 LED inside and accompanied by a sheet of interchangeable colored polycarbonate filter (Red, Yellow, Orange, Green and Blue).

Yuri Endo 2011

As seen in the stop-motion video above, the colored filters supposed to enable users applying various ambient effects to their bedrooms depending on their mood. Nonetheless, having been using the final products myself, I realized that both acrylic box and the filters needed to be either sandblasted or their color density should be adjusted lower in order to function as I initially designed. Consequently, when a color filter is inserted, I can barely see things around ( especially blue and green) or lights up the room as if it were the infamous red light district ( red, yellow and orange). On the other hand, when used without any filters, it does serve as a bedroom light yet does not create a favorable ambience that I hoped to create. Additionally, the quality of the polycarbonate filters needs to be higher as they currently get scratched easily. 

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