Personal History in Lighting: Part One

In this second section of the STAGE ONE, while I simultaneously try out additional experiments and in-depth researches, I would like to take a moment to review and analyze my own experiences in lighting to add further thoughts to my new project ideas.

A long story short, my interest in lights probably dates back to the first year of my undergraduate studies when I enrolled in a basic photography course. 

Yuri Endo 2000-2008

On the first day of this photography course, I neither had an idea of how to maneuver the camera with no auto focus function, nor compositing subjects in shots. Though all images that I took at this stage of my life was under natural light, by running around the city day and night with the SLR and living in the school  darkroom for  three consecutive months, I came to understand the basic mechanism of camera overall,  the glee of manipulating the relationship between lights and optics. 

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